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Hello and welcome to my webpage which, as you will see, highlights and uses the skills I have built up in the course of my 7 year career as a web developer. During that time I've worked with some fantastic people on a wide variety of projects - one of which won a Yorkshire Digital award.

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My core skills

I would consider myself an all-round developer, but I do of course have core-skills, which are as follows.


I've been a Drupal developer for over 5 years. I've worked on projects both large and small. This also includes module development experience.


I've always been passionate about design. I started out in the web primarily as a Front-end Developer/Designer.


I studied B.A Interactive Multimedia at University, which looked at the way people interact with technology. This gave me a strong UX foundation.

Mobile first

I'm new to Responsive Design, but working in a content-first way, I've adopted responsive workflows and philosophies extremely quickly.

Latest project

A Drupal module tentatively called 'Site issue tracker' - giving users the ability to log issues on a per-page basis during site development.

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